Dare to giveup

”Dare to go ahead and create something new out of yourself”

31 October, 2015

A day arrived when Manya’s IBPS result was about to be declared and her nervousness was on the seventh floor of her mind when suddenly her phone beeped. ‘Result announced’ was a message she got from her friend. She logged in laptop and filled the roll number and her dream was just a second far away..

And the Screen showed ‘CLEAR’ word..Her eyes were full of tears, as her dream came true….Her husband was happy too because he was the reason of her smile and hard work. He motivated her to study hard even after 1.5 years of marriage. They were happy as only one step was left ‘INTERVIEW’.
10 November, 2015 Manya’s husband’s birthday, they celebrated with full joy and they had a great time with each other.
15 November, 2015 She missed her periods and the days gone…She was nervous as now her IBPS result was out and she wanted to pursue her career. She was prepared for that happiness but not at that point of time when she was preparing for the final Interview for the Government job.
24 November, 2015 She got her urine test report and it was positive, some strange feelings encrypted her mind. What if she told her husband, what would be his reaction etc. etc.
25 November, 2015 Her Second Anniversary Day..She told her husband about the big news and he was more excited than her as he received the happiest gift ever. At that time he asked her in exictment to leave the Interview, just concentrate on their child and give their child the best health and nutrition..
That day when she got a chance to dare to speak, she missed it for the sake of her husband’s happiness and their happy future…She agreed with her husband and dared to give up her dreams for her baby’s better future..
Now her baby is 1.5 yrs old and she wants to try again for competitive exams but can’t dare to speak as her baby is habitual of her and not ready to leave her even for an hour.
We plan our life for our happy future but sometimes destiny decides something else for us and that has to be accepted.

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I am thankful to Gurjeet from prismaroundgurjeet for introducing me to this Dare-a-thon hosted by three amazing mothers and

Also, I am happy to introduce Nandita from thatimperfectmom to carry forward the train.




Published by: thesimplemumma

Mumma to a little 18 months old princess...happy to quit all my dreams for my lil one's bright future...Stay At Home Mom who loves music and singing...wants to share my life's good or bad experiences with other people....👍


10 thoughts on “Dare to giveup”

  1. Very well written, Manvi. Your blog looks amazing with beautiful picture in the background. It really was apt with the blog. Awesome work…!!


  2. I can totally relate to this. We plan few things in life and life plays something else.Accepting and finding happiness in the things as they come is the only way to a peaceful mind.All the very best for everything you do 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I so happy that today’s men believe in encoutheir wives. Your decision was so right to leave and take care of your child. I would have done the same. But you know what, its time for you to dare to speak. You can probably wait for another 6 months and begin your new journey. God bless.

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