Grandparents are blessings



Once there was a little girl, who lived in a big family with her grandparents. She used to sleep with her grandmother and holdIng her hand tight while sleeping. One day, suddenly her grandmother left them and went to some other world of angels, and the little girl was very depressed as she was not ready to digest this sudden loss of her grandmother. And that little girl was me. Yes me and my siblings were very close to our grandparents as they were our family’s base and backbone. I remember my grandmother’s last words till now, her teachings and her lovely hobby i.e. Crochet.  She was fond of crocheting and prepared various items for our marriage belongings very earlier even when we were 2-4 yrs old. And my grandfather was such a wonderful person, he taught us to do ‘’RAM RAM’’ (morning wish or Namaste) every morning. This is our traditional wish till now, we used to start our day saying ‘’RAM RAM’’. I miss them so much.

  • Grandparents are a blessing direct from God who give us unconditional and selfless love. I love my childhood when my grandparents saved us from the mumma’s anger, when they fulfilled our useless demands without any explanations. Grandparents play a very important role in our life.
  • They teach us good manners in lenient way.
  • They are the best teachers when it comes to teach rituals and cultural backgrounds.

They love their grandchildren even more than their own children. There’s a famous saying in our Punjabi culture

“mool naalo vyaj pyara hunda’’ Mool being for ‘the principal amount’         

   Vyaj being for ‘interest’            

  This saying implies that just like the interest is more valuable than the principal amount, similarly the grandchildren are more precious than one’s own children.wp-image-1817040298

  • Their arms are always open for you, no matter what you do good/bad.

  • Grandparents are a good example of Patience. They have tremendous patience which we can never imagine. As a short tempered mother, I salute my mother-in-law for this quality.

  • The families with grandparents have strong base and support system, since raising a child is very tough these days but with grandparents or in-laws around, there is less burden on your mind as your child is habitual of them too.

In today’s world where the nuclear families are in trend, I believe in joint families where the grandparents live with their grandchildren as they are the support system of family and wish to spend their life in such a happy and sound family. I teach my child to respect and love her grandparents. I wish every mother teaches her kids the same instead of feeding their minds with negative thoughts. There are some troubles and misunderstandings in every house but we should try to keep our kids away from these negativities and teach them only good things and habits. Yes, grandparents spoil the kids somewhere but the only problem is the different way of parenting, as I discussed in one of my post on the old and new parenting ways. Grandparents are never wrong, it’s just the style of parenting that has changed a lot these days.


I want to convey a little message here, Grandchildren are grandparent’s only hope of living. They live their life with single motive to see their kids happy. Parents please connect your kids with grandparents, they are really a good motivators, story tellers, listeners, soft-hearted, and loving people.

Got a story to share with us about Stay connected with grandparents? Hop on this Blog Train with us where some wonderful mom bloggers will share their views on ‘’Stay Connected with Grand parents’’ and relive your childhood again!!

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I am thankful to Deepali from myteenytot for introducing me and Now i want to invite Saraswati Datar

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18 thoughts on “Grandparents are blessings”

  1. Absolutely love how you stressed upon the fact that Grandparents are support systems of our family… Parenting styles may change with time but the unconditional love of grandparents will never change… we should make every possible effort to keep our kids connected with their grandparents …


  2. Such a sweet as well as thought-provoking post, Manvi. In today’s times, with the rise in nuclear families, our kids are at a loss as they don’t get that special time to bond with their grandparents. Being parents it has to be our duty to diminish this gap.

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