Letter to my older self

Dear Mrs. Kalra,

Its been 10 yrs., You are probably now a mother of two kids and have forgotten what it’s like to be a loving wife and a calm mother .You are probably  have a new set of ways ,emotions and expectations and its might be hard to remember old things and feelings. So that’s why I write this letter for you, so you can find out what is good or bad going on……

  • You are a good wife, home maker and a loving mother. A woman is incomplete without her family and you completely fulfilled your responsibilities with super energy .So thumbs up for these best years of life.
  • You are a good wife who cares about all the necessities and wants of your family but in these busy years you forget to love your caring husband, you and your husband totally indulged with your kids and family that you guys even don’t remember how to hug each other properly.
  • Now you are mother of a big girl, who understands everything, she has her own way to figure out things, so have patience and try to see her life with her point of view not yours.
  • I want you to remember one thing that even older kids want your attention and they are really namby-pamby sort of person, so be sure you handle your sargam with extra care and love.
  • Now with the bigger family with two super active kids, you have to give some time to your in-laws as well, even they need your emotional support at this stage of life.
  • I want to tell you that now you are one of the best bloggers in your city, the perfection comes with huge dedication, so keep yourself determined towards your targets and achieve new goals.
  • I want to tell you something which no one can tell you ever that-You are a strong woman who can do everything even in this age,

    💛You are a fighter who overcome difficulties and hard time in past years,

    💚You are emotional sometimes but who controls that feeling,

    💜You are beautiful so don’t compare yourself with other kid’s mothers at parent – teacher meetings.

    💙You are not perfect, nobody’s perfect but you have seen your good or bad sides.

    💛You are a mother’, daughter, wife, sister, but first of all  You are person who sometimes get insecure, impatient, little bit selfish and sometimes hard to handle but be calm this is also a part of life, and everyone have these bad qualities, so be carefree sometimes you are not only one who have this guilt.


    Your younger self…….

    This blog post is a part of the amazing #womensdayblogparty

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I am super thankful to surbhi (mother of twins) fromtwinbabystories for introducing me to this amazing blog chain. Also its my goodness to introduce you to Priya from idreamstars


Go check out their blogs

bye- bye



Published by: thesimplemumma

Mumma to a little 18 months old princess...happy to quit all my dreams for my lil one's bright future...Stay At Home Mom who loves music and singing...wants to share my life's good or bad experiences with other people....👍


18 thoughts on “Letter to my older self”

  1. Simple mumma, your thoughts are deep and complex. And, you are right, older kids need attention too. May be more so, remember when we were teenagers, my mom used to tell me she was having sleepless nights because she worried about me all the time. 😉


  2. A positive and aspirational post . Keep the spirit alive.. love the fact you have mentioned best blogger in the city..you surely are and will be


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