Love needs NO proof,No day to celebrate

Valentine’s Day

It is as like other normal days for me.

I don’t believe in love at first sight, how a person can decide in just few minutes that he/she is in love…At first sight, the person only affectionate or attract towards each other, i think love has a broad meaning which cannot be clicked in one second/minute/even in one day.

Even I didn’t believe in love before my marriage, for me it is just a word because I never feel the feeling of love before marriage.After getting married four years back, I realized, yes there is a feeling which exists in me and the reason of our strong bond.

Collage 2018-02-13 00_23_59

I am lucky to have a husband who has same views like me who don’t believe in celebrating this day (Sone pe suhaga) but only to show off, he bought

On our first valentine’s day – 1 Teddy and 1 Rose

On second Valentine’s Day – 1 rose

On 3rd Valentine’s Day when I was pregnant – only Golgappa (Panipuri) treat

And 4th valentine’s day – Nothing, even he forgot to wish me

Waiting for this year….

And from my side No Nooo Noooooo gift at all, because I don’t believe in this Formality.


’’love needs NO proof,No day to celebrate,No cards to show your love

 All it needs a hand to hold in difficult times


Make your loved one Smile’’

Collage 2018-02-13 00_30_06

I am not against in all this and who celebrates this love festival…I just don’t like this because I think-

– There is no specific day to show your love for each other

– If you are in love, you don’t need to prove it.

– I have no time to select one gift from zillion options because I am a mother of one super active toddler.

– I believe in strong bond which is based upon trust and understanding b/w husband and wife, not on expensive gifts or restaurant dates.

– One vacation in 6 months is sufficient for us but not on special occasions, it depends upon the office work of Mr. Husband

– I also want some personal space and precious time with my loving husband but can’t afford to spend too much money and time.

– It is not only about lovers, it should be celebrate with our parents, friends and even son/daughter.


I don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or their opinions, this is my views on Valentine’s Day I hope you consider it in positive sense.

I would like to end this with these lovely lines

‘’love is not all about days, songs, flowers;

 It’s about trust, decisions and relations’’

 Collage 2018-02-13 00_29_13

Thanks for Reading,


This post is a part of the blog train started by Jasmeet of mommyvoyage and Anchal of The mumstory . They have networked to bring together 28 moms to share their take on Love and Relationships in this month of Love .


I am grateful to Rashmi from notjustmommying for introducing me to the blog train.

I now let the train pass from my station and reach yet another wonderful place on Deepali from myteenytot  blog.


Published by: thesimplemumma

Mumma to a little 18 months old princess...happy to quit all my dreams for my lil one's bright future...Stay At Home Mom who loves music and singing...wants to share my life's good or bad experiences with other people....👍


16 thoughts on “Love needs NO proof,No day to celebrate”

  1. Trust me even I don’t believe in love at first sight. It’s the friendship, trust, and time that makes two people fall in love 😍. Like you said, love needs to be celebrated over the year and not just on a day… Good thoughts ☺☺

    Liked by 1 person

  2. True Mansi, even my husband forget me to wish this year.
    Yes every day is filled with love and cuddles. But what if we celebrate that on one day. It won’t make any changes but it’s good to feel special one day


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