Happy New Year to all the readers, so a new calendar year starts with new challenges, desires, and expectations.

But a mom’s life is same as usual, whether it is a new day or new year. A mom’s life revolves around her kids and family.

She forgets herself in fulfilling all her responsibilities towards her family. Somewhere her life is lost. So this year, I, the Mother of one toddler, have made some resolutions as a mother but as well as a woman, which are very important.

So here it is–

1.Find Myself


After my baby, I completely lost in taking care of her and even sacrificed my dream but this year I want to focus on myself and on my dreams. I want to concentrate on my new love blogging not really good at it but want to share my experiences with others.



It’s about last 2 years, I didn’t even go for a walk. So this year I will also focus on my fitness.I will have to reduce about 5 kg maximum this year.




Yes, Vacation is a must for a mommy for change. On new year evening my husband and me both had a same wish for a vacation. Our last vacation was 3 years ago.



This resolution is very important for everyone and if i want to complete above mentioned resolutions savings are must.We have to cut our unnecessary spending and focus on important matters

5.To be a better mom


I am not a perfect mother,doing many mistakes everyday..But this year i wish i Could be a better mother and a better person.I want to raise my child a happy and healthy child.

6.Accept the things


One thing i understand from my experiences that you never change others.So this year i want to accept things and stop complaining and expecting things from others.God give us own thinking and point of view,and we all are different so stop teach others they know everything.

As a parent i also want to all focus on my child’s health and her secure future.But i am also woman with many dreams in my eyes.I want to fulfill those very heartedly.

If you have also made some resolutions,Please tell me comment section,will  happy to read..

Wish Me Luck…


Published by: thesimplemumma

Mumma to a little 18 months old princess...happy to quit all my dreams for my lil one's bright future...Stay At Home Mom who loves music and singing...wants to share my life's good or bad experiences with other people....👍


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